Few aspects of your house make an instantaneous visual impact such as the exterior paint work or the interior painting Dallas. Perfectly applied paint brings pride into your house and helps characterize its personality. 

 Steps to Paint

  1. Prep the Surface

You might be tempted to go directly to the painting part but first, you should do some prep work to make the painting job last longer. As a matter of fact, a diligent prep job is very important to a perfect and aesthetic looks of your exterior surface. 95% of a good painting job is having a good surface or prep work. 

Prior to painting a new home with a stucco exterior, allow first the stucco to cure for 28 days. Paint will basically not stick accordingly to uncured stucco as well as may look dusty or chalky in the long run. 

If you are in a hurry, keep stucco wet by spraying it using a hose. If it is washed every single day, it can be cured for at least 7 to 10 days. 

If you’re repainting an existing house, examine the exterior trim and walls for any mildew, peeling, chipping and some other imperfections or damages. Get rid of mildew by putting a chlorine bleaching agent with the use of a garden sprayer. In addition to that, pressure-clean the entire home’s exterior to get rid of old paint and dirt which has come loose. 

  1. Select High-Quality Exterior Paint

A good and quality exterior paint is 100% acrylic latex. This formula consists of 3 main elements such as: 

  • Solvents, that make the exterior paint spreadable. Nowadays, most of the exterior paints are actually water-based. 
  • Binders, that hold the color or pigment to the wall. 
  • Pigments, that give color to the surface. 

As the paint dries up, the solvent evaporates as well, leaving behind the binders and pigments. These are also known as the volume solids. Higher quality exterior paints are mostly higher in volume solids. Also, they may have better binders as well, that will bind the pigments in place for longer period of time. This promotes strength and exceptional durability. 

In order to know the volume solid percentage in a paint brand, examine the website of the manufacturer or simply inquire to your local distributor. All in all, paints that have labels such as super premium or premium, are most likely to have greater volume solids compared to some other budget brands. 

  1. Choose Colors that Can Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When talking about the selection of color, there are several options which your decision can be highly affected. If you are not sure where to begin, spend some time looking around your area to see what looks good to your eyes. Bear in mind that colors that are vibrant will just fade over time compared to more muted colors. Furthermore, you should also make sure to consider your home’s stylistic elements – select a color which complements your roofing material as well as any other stone or brick accents.