You can find different fashion styles on Japan. It is surprising to know that this fashion style had existed even in early 1980’s of Japan. It started when young people occupy the street dressed in colorful yet unique clothes. The style was a mixture of Western and Japanese attire. The message of wearing this kind of clothing was that they don’t give a damn about the current fashion trend. They will dress according to what they want and wish.

Even though it has put into strict society rules still it remains up to this day. The trend usually come and go. Anybody who loves Harajuku style can wear it. But if you are conservative fashionista, it might not be the best style for you as it involves different styles and colors. But for those who still are young or a kid at heart, you can go and get dress-up as you want to be. The fun about this fashion is you can dress like five years old even if you’re on 20 something. Following are the popular Harajuku fashion that you can buy on different Harajuku fashion store:

1. Cosplay. It is a short term for the phrase custom play. The individual wears the total outfit of her/his picked character which is typically an anime character. At that point s/he assimilates the majority of the gestures of the character such as the language, voice, movement and many more.

2. Lolita. This is far not the same as the Westerners’ adaptation on the grounds that principally, this harajuku style doesn’t have sexual undertones. Rather, it epitomizes the unobtrusive look of the Victorian-time. Articles of clothing incorporate voluminous knee-length skirts with underskirts underneath, hats, and undergarments.

3. Gyaru. This term is a transliteration of the English expression of lady. Gyaru style, being an interesting subgroup of Harajuku design, centers around American young person generalizations clearly puerile and girly. Regular sights for this look incorporate colored or blanched hair in addition to substantial and improved cosmetics.

4. Ganguro. With the unpleasant interpretation of black face, ganguro is known to be the dim kin of the girly and impressive gyaru. This style takes harajuku to the following dimension of silliness. Ganguro devotees have counterfeit tans that are bizarrely profound, wear eyeliners in three lines (silver, blonde, and dark) with white eyeshadow, and game orange hair. They at that point complete it off with facial jewels to convey difference to their dim composition. As though this isn’t sufficient, they wear brilliantly hued outfits. To stand tall among the ocean of fashionistas, they wear stage shoes.

5. Yamanba/Manba. In the event that ganguro is the dull kin, yamanba/manba must be the darker and progressively extraordinary one. This redesigned capriciousness incorporates a lot further tan (contrasted with ganguro), increasingly extreme cosmetics, and more eye-popping hair hues. The vast majority of their hairs are in dreadlocks. It’s no big surprise that local people call this style yamanba as it took motivation from a Japanese old story including a witch living in the mountains.